How Budgeting in BudgetTracker Works

When thinking about budgeting your money, there are typically two types of budgeting, Categorization and Envelopes. The idea behind categories is that you create separate categories for each expense over a monthly period and allocate from the entire monthly income how much you would like to spend during that month. With Envelopes, this usually is […]

Tracking your Income Taxes

When setting up your Income on the My Income page, we give you the flexibility to split the way your Income comes in. The easiest way to handle Income is record the Net Amount in the amount field but if you are one of those users that want to keep track of taxes withheld or […]

Importing Payee Rules

When importing your transactions, most times the bank will give you a payee that starts out with the name of the place you made the purchase at and ends with a long tax id or bank id. To automatically import the correct payee, we have 2 methods in place. The first is to go to […]

What’s the difference between Cleared, Unreconciled, Reconciled, and Void?

When entering in your Transactions, it’s important to understand the difference between types of transactions to ensure your records are kept in order. Many people misunderstand the differences between Reconciled and Cleared so hopefully this post will help clear it up. Void: We’ll take the easiest one first “Void”. This of course means that the […]

Balancing your Accounts

Keeping your accounts in balance with your Bank can sometimes be difficult when entering your Transactions manually. The flexibility of entering your transactions before your bank knows about them allows you to plan for your budget and upcoming expenses. If you find yourself too far behind what your bank states you should have as a […]

Invoices for your Business

Included with the BudgetTracker site is the ability to keep track of Invoicing, Product Inventory, and send those Invoices to other BudgetTracker users for review. First of all, to access Invoices you can either change your theme to “Business” or switch to Advanced Navigation and look under My Business. The first page your presented with […]

How to handle Cash Transactions

When recording cash transactions on the BudgetTracker site, the first thing to think of is how does it actually get effected in your bank records. Although BudgetTracker gives you the ability to use the site in a way that best fits your needs, below are some suggestions for how to record cash transactions: ATM Withdrawals […]

Budgeting by Standard or Envelopes methods

One of the more recent features added is the ability to view and manage your Budget using the Envelopes system. This gives you the flexaiblity to manage your budget in either a standard way by creating multiple categories and applying your transactions to each category or setting up your Income as envelopes and then applying […]