My Calendar Page

The My Calendar page has several options and ties into the site: Color – By default, the background color of all Bills on the My Calendar page is red and all Income items are Yellow to distinguish these from other Calendar entries. You do however have the option to update the background color of any […]

I Owe You’s

The I Owe You page can be accessed under Organization from the Simple Navigation menu or under Financial from the Advanced Navigation. When you enter in a new I Owe You, you can choose whether you owe someone money or if someone owes you money. If you select “I owe money to:”, and enter the […]

Creating your own applications

BudgetTracker not only will track financial information as well as life information such as tasks, contacts, etc. but we also give you the tools necessary to design your own applications. This allows you to track almost anything you can think of. To get started, first you’ll need to go to the Beta Applications page by […]

Making money off 0% interest credit cards

There are several ways to generate extra income without much work. “The Dough Roller” has a good article that helps explain one way to utilize 0 interest credit cards with no balance transfer fees. The idea is that you receive cash from a credit card that doesn’t charge you any interest, then transfer that cash […]

Holiday Gift List

With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to start organizing your gift list. Our Gift List application will allow you to track what your going to buy, for how much, and who you’ll be buying it for. Then mark it as complete by clicking the checkbox once you pay for the gift. To […]

BudgetTracker Search Page

The search page on the BudgetTracker site has several features that you may not have known about. When you search through your transactions from the My Transactions page at the top, you are taken to transaction search results on the Search page. However, you can also save notes, site URL’s, and have the ability to […]

Welcome to the BudgetTracker Weblog

This was created with the hope of providing both additional information on using the BudgetTracker site as well as offer financial information for users to talk about and review. We also plan on uploading some tutorial videos within the how-to section of this weblog to give you more of a visual understanding when using the […]

How it all ties together

This post will hopefully give you some idea of how a lot of the site ties together. As an example we’ll start with creating a new bill. When your Bill is created, you have several options to choose from. Category Tie – When you select a category or create a new one, this is directly […]