Entering Credit Cards in BudgetTracker

You have two options for recording your credit cards. The first is to simply enter it as a new Bill and enter the account that it will be paid from. The second and probably more effective way is to create a Credit Card Account from the My Accounts page. If you think about a real […]

The My Budget Page

The My Budget page will allow you to keep track of your spending limits for all your monthly transactions. This is tied directly with your Bills, Income, Transactions, and Categories. When a new Bill or Income is create, if you choose an existing Category or create a new one, that category will then show up […]

Creating a New Bill

When creating a Bill, this will also be entered into your Calendar and Budget if you choose a category. The way we track your Bill to determine if it has been paid is by entering a Transaction. When clicking the “record” link next to a bill and filling out the Transaction, this will now be […]