Retirement Planning: Money Strategies For The Long-Term

Retirement Planning: Money Strategies For The Long-Term One of the most challenging tasks in life is the process of retirement planning.  There are many factors and variables which can lead to disaster if family savings are not properly protected.  This means a little time and research can go a long way in helping us to […]


5 Important Ways Tech Has Changed Personal Finance

5 Important Ways Tech Has Changed Personal Finance The world of tech is changing every day.  But, most of the time, we take it for granted.  Here are five important ways that tech have changed personal finance – and make our lives easier in the process. Online Banking Withdrawals, transfers, deposits.   Whatever you need, your […]

Tech Tools to Help Grow Your Savings

Over the last decade, the world of technology has grown in fantastic and innovative ways.  In years past, it may have been difficult to fathom the truly global reach of companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google.  Today, these are the types of outlets that have extended our social reach and the breadth of our accessible […]

Retirement and Investing: What is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds offer a means to achieve broad diversification within a stock portfolio, for a relatively small amount of money.  It should be understood that this is a level of diversification that most small investors would be unlikely to achieve on their own, and this is why many industry experts recommend that those with little […]

Managing Money in a No-Cash World: Tools and Software for Personal Financial Management

Life gets busy and it is easy to lose track of what your money is doing. This is compounded by a wallet full of plastic access cards and very few cash transactions. In the days when cash was king, people were conscious of how much money they were spending on groceries, gas and even the […]

Financial Budgeting for Families: Saving Today to Spend Less Tomorrow

Budgeting for an entire family can be a challenge. Aside from the regular bills like mortgage, utilities and groceries, families often scramble to come up with funds for school expenses, sports and birthday parties. Call a Family Meeting When it comes to discussing family expenditures and finances everyone needs to be involved. That includes the […]

Managing Personal Finances – Effective Use of Time and Money

Ever since the global financial crisis of 2008, it has become more important for households to protect savings and plan for the future.  This means that we must manage our money in ways that are efficient and able to maximize the potential to accumulate savings over time.  As with most things, the accumulation of wealth […]

Financial Budgeting For Families: Managing Debt, Risks, and Unforeseen Circumstances

The global financial crisis of 2008 has shown many American families that there is a true need to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.  Luckily, there are strategies families can use to create a buffer between your household and the world’s larger financial uncertainties.  Here, we will look at some of the factors that should be […]