Bad Credit

The Insider’s Guide to Getting the Best Credit Card Deals: Part 2

It’s a simple but loaded statement: “Just let me check your credit.” Everybody wants a piece of you, from a potential employer to your cell phone company. It often feels like you’re what’s for dinner, and you’re being examined like a restaurant menu. But what if you’re not a main course, and you’re just hoping […]

Credit Cards

The Insider’s Guide to Getting the Best Credit Card Deals: Part 1

Have you ever been the kid in the candy shop faced with so many choices you don’t even know where to begin? Choosing the best credit card option for your budget can be like sorting through the candy store, but a whole lot less rewarding. When beginning to explore the credit card options, you’ll notice […]

Rainy Day

How to Save for a Rainy Day When You’re in Debt

Being in debt is like being stuck on a roller coaster that never ends. Just when you’ve made some progress in paying down your balances, life smacks you with some unexpected expense that sends you right back on the debt coaster.

Couples Money

The 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes Many Couples Make

Merging money and love is tricky. It may come as no surprise that money is often listed as one of the top reasons couples divorce. So how exactly are you and your honey supposed to get on the same page financially? Start by avoiding these 3 common financial mistakes

Car Lease

Is Buying a Car Smarter than Leasing?

Are you in the market for a new car and wondering if a lease might make sense for you? Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials to lease a high-end car and the monthly payment seems doable despite the high cost of the vehicle. So what makes this possible, and will you really save money by leasing […]

Teen Budgeting

Introducing Personal Budgeting to Teens

If you started early at instructing your children about the utility of money, the arrival of their teen years provides an opening for the nuance of budgeting. The widening diversity of spending options for teenagers easily promotes the development of excesses. Devising a budget is the only constructive solution for decoding future expenditures.   Take […]

Credit Score

4 Ways to Understand & Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores are like report cards for adults, and a “failing” score can have a huge impact on your life. Everything from buying a house to applying for certain jobs can be affected by your credit. In addition, an excellent score can help you obtain the best interest rates and save thousands in interest payments. […]

Hold Piggy Bank

3 Slam Dunk Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

When it comes to talking with our kids about money, many of us clam up and try to change the subject quickly. The reality is that if you don’t talk to them about it, no one will and they will have to figure it out on their own. So to help you out, here are […]