Rainy Day

How to Save for a Rainy Day When You’re in Debt

Being in debt is like being stuck on a roller coaster that never ends. Just when you’ve made some progress in paying down your balances, life smacks you with some unexpected expense that sends you right back on the debt coaster.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance: Waste of Money or Worth the Investment?

When you’re deciding where your money goes each month, what’s the one thing you buy hoping you’ll never need to use it? Insurance. It may be the most unsexy item in your budget as well—it’s hard to get excited about spending your hard-earned cash on something that, if you’re lucky, you’ll never get any benefit […]

Couples Money

The 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes Many Couples Make

Merging money and love is tricky. It may come as no surprise that money is often listed as one of the top reasons couples divorce. So how exactly are you and your honey supposed to get on the same page financially? Start by avoiding these 3 common financial mistakes

Car Lease

Is Buying a Car Smarter than Leasing?

Are you in the market for a new car and wondering if a lease might make sense for you? Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials to lease a high-end car and the monthly payment seems doable despite the high cost of the vehicle. So what makes this possible, and will you really save money by leasing […]

When Your Kid Has Enough Money for Investing

When Your Kid Has Enough Money for Investing

When children have wisely budgeted their spending to mirror the rankings of importance they placed on various wants, an accumulation of savings should emerge that represents an excess of earnings exceeding wishes that can be realistically fulfilled. This provides an opening to introduce the nuance of investing for the long term. Investing is presented as […]

Mother and daughter with piggy bank

Why Teaching your Children Now about Money is Wise

Most everyone wishes they managed money better than they do. It might be fair to say a healthy percentage of the population never had formal training from their parents in exactly what to do with money beyond opening a checking account down at the local bank. How to save, how to invest, and how to […]

Teen Budgeting

Introducing Personal Budgeting to Teens

If you started early at instructing your children about the utility of money, the arrival of their teen years provides an opening for the nuance of budgeting. The widening diversity of spending options for teenagers easily promotes the development of excesses. Devising a budget is the only constructive solution for decoding future expenditures.   Take […]

Refinance Mortgage

When Is the Right Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

You’ve seen and heard all the ads. “Mortgage rates are at an all-time low!” “You’re paying too much for your mortgage!” “Refinance now and save hundreds of dollars every month!” And, those enticing statements may even be true. Mortgage rates are low: today’s rates average around 4%, while looking back over the last 20-30 years, interest […]