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Re:Expense Report
Thank you for the feedback. The idea behind the expense report was to keep track of your expenses that you can either write off on your taxes or keep track of to give to your employer. Since not all withdrawals would fall under a taxable item, we leave this as a separate option. To get an overall total of all your expenses, you can go to the Income Statement on the left navigation. This will break down all your income and expenses by category. To see all income and expenses by category combined, visit the Category Summary page instead.
07/08/2018 20:31:12
Expense Report
Since all "withdrawals" are an expense is it possible to post it automatically to the expense. "other options" could be left in the bottom left corner of the screen, but should be highlighted in red lettering.

It sure won't hurt to make editing a transaction that has already been entered a little easier.
07/07/2018 14:44:45

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