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Re:Overcharged for subscription
I have cancelled the subscription again, after I got the renewal notification. I've just received a refund receipt from you - thank you.
08/06/2018 21:53:08
Re:Overcharged for subscription
We're showing your subscription was already cancelled on 7/15. We're not seeing any email regarding cancellation but we've went ahead and issued a refund for your recent payment.
08/06/2018 21:39:42
Overcharged for subscription
I have bought an annual subscription for last year, and later cancelled further renewals as I've stopped using the software. Unfortunately, it seems like I have been somehow re-subscribed at some point and just charged another annual fee. I have emailed the support almost 4 weeks ago regarding the refund but never got any replies.

Is there any other way to contact the staff other than the email?
08/06/2018 15:23:09

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