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Auto-assignment of account to transactions
Is there a way to keep the program from automatically assigning a bank account to each transaction? I don't always use the same payment method for every payee and I don't always deposit money to the exact same account. I want to select the bank account for each transaction always. This has caused a LOT of problems for me using your software, when the software automatically sets the ban account inf
5 1891 02/16/2018 13:46:36
Love the program
I have tried a lot of personal financial program and nothing seem to fix I at one point money count, quicken and moneydance. out of all the program money count was the best but they stopping the program, so I been looking for years I tried money dance and quicken they didn't suit my needs . This program budget tracker is the best I get to see where all my money goes and that is nice for a chang
1 1589 07/18/2017 00:02:07
Cancelling Subscription
I sent a request to cancel my subscription. I have not received a response and I was charged for another year. I followed the process to cancel the account.
1 1570 03/03/2017 20:47:26
Adding Transactions via App

I'm cutting over to this tool for 2017. Loving it so far. Have to get use to a few things so this may be the first of many posts. Looking at the app, why don't we have a way to "add" transactions? That is a HUGE feature. I see adding new accounts and new bills. But not transactions.

Also for my knowledge where is your company based??

3 1514 01/02/2017 12:44:59
Just starting here so please excuse "newbie" question --- but when I try to enter a balance on a deb
Just starting here so please excuse "newbie" question --- but when I try to enter a balance on a debt of 20,000.00 it keeps entering as $20.00. What am I doing wrong?
3 2064 11/18/2016 23:09:57
Account balancing is painful, am I missing something?
In the past I used MS Money and Moved to Quicken kicking and screaming a few years ago, but to date I have found nothing better. Maybe BudgetTracker will work, I do like that you can hide reconciled transactions and your account balances will reflect the correct balance, (unless you are in the balance process) Quicken does not and they do not plan to change anything. The only way to show an accur
1 1895 03/27/2016 08:30:56
Loving this site
As a previous user of Microsoft Money (which I quite liked) I find this site is similar but way better. I like the 'award' system for completing certain tasks, the forum idea, and the goal setting tool. Would like more forecasting/what if options, but apart from that I cant fault it. Excellent job!
1 1705 02/17/2016 09:17:40
why iis the progran sooo slow? Its frustrating. I am looking for a better program.
5 2598 02/16/2016 14:02:39
When I add a new bill but it reoccurs---why does it put it in the list over and over--oris it designed to do that---i want to be able to see that each month is paid and if not--what needs paid
3 2913 05/06/2015 11:27:42
Budget Tracker took money from my bank acct
29.95 was taken from my bank account without permission. I did not order any products or services. This app is suppose to FREE anyway. WTH??!!! Anyone else having same or similar issues?
1 2788 08/06/2014 14:20:00
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