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When I add a new bill but it reoccurs---why does it put it in the list over and over--oris it designed to do that---i want to be able to see that each month is paid and if not--what needs paid
3 3841 05/06/2015 11:27:42
Budget Tracker took money from my bank acct
29.95 was taken from my bank account without permission. I did not order any products or services. This app is suppose to FREE anyway. WTH??!!! Anyone else having same or similar issues?
1 3827 08/06/2014 14:20:00
Adjusting Month
Can I adjust the month- My main income comes in the 4th Wednesday of every month on not on the 1st. This is making my monthly data split between two months.
1 2258 11/09/2013 00:32:47
Change Opening Balance
I've just started using this program, and need to change the opening balance of the accounts I set up. I can't find any way to edit these amounts. I thought of deleting the accounts and re-entering them, but that would delete the transactions I already entered.
6 3801 05/03/2013 00:23:56
problems with synchronization
First of all I think this app is great!!!! I started using BT from my iphone but now I want to synchronise my account, the categories, the colores, and the expenses to the website, to the ipad and to the ipod touch but i canĀ“t find the way to do it. It just sync the categories, no colors, no expenses. Why?? Thanks for your help...
1 2215 03/01/2013 19:38:23
This Is Awesome
I would be so dissorganized without this app!!!!!,if there was anything id like to add to this already amazing app it would be to have a good app on phones that didnt have to connect to the internet and it sent out email or text remainders on the bills to be paid or to tell us a new transaction was made,ehat i also love about this product is that it doesnt sell ads and information Love You Guys ke
1 1972 02/22/2013 23:52:27
Windows mobile support
Hi, This is a very nice app.. Would it be able to provide support for "windows phones" (7.5 or higher) also?
Thanks in advance
Best regards,
2 1693 02/18/2013 10:05:07
2 currencies
I have expenses and income in 2 currencies. Is there a way to shift between currencies and have it link to daily exchange rates, or a rate I set?
1 1753 10/26/2012 13:58:28
Lock Budget?
Do you think it would be a good idea to have an option to "lock" past month's budgets so when we make changes to future months, the past budget amounts, structure, etc. will not change and we still have a record of what we did earlier? Thanks!
7 2004 07/07/2012 21:16:30
Do I enter my outstanding mortgage under 'loans'? It won't give me the option to pay it bi-monthly?
1 1667 06/30/2012 07:59:30

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