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What you get:

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  • User Administration - The ability to enroll teachers and students. Teachers will have the ability to create new students and administrators will have the ability to create new teachers.
  • Notification Center - The notification center allows you to send private messages to one or all of your students and the ability to respond similar to an email system.
  • Financial Applications - Your students will have the ability to access our financial application suite giving them the tools needed to successfully stay on top of and learn how to manage their money. This includes apps like Bills, Income, Accounts, Budgeting, Transactions, Loans, Credit Cards, and much more! To see all the applications we offer and how the system works, you can create a free BudgetTracker account to try it out.
  • Business Applications - In addition to being able to track regular expenses, you also have access to provide your users with business applications such as Invoices, CRM, Product Inventory, Expense Reports, Time Sheets, and much more.
  • Brand Your School - With this account, you have the ability to add your school logo and customize what your users will see on the site anywhere from the links to the colors to the fonts you'll use.
  • Design & Customization - BudgetTracker provides a wide range of financial and planning applications. With your subscription you'll be able to customize which applications your school would like to use on the site to tailor to your students needs and how your school would like to teach personal finance.
  • School Social Network - With the popularity of Facebook and Google Plus, social networking is a great way for people to communicate but you may not want your child's comments to be exposed to the entire internet. Our social network is exclusive to your school so students can only connect with other students and teachers within their school. This provides a safe environment for your kids to be social online.
  • Social Groups - The groups feature allows students to communicate within their group and schedule events. This can be helpful for study groups, extra curricular activities, or getting together to work on a project. The groups section comes with their own forums, event list, and information about the group.
  • School Calendar - The school calendar allows you to show upcoming events and due dates to your students and teachers.
  • School Forums - With each school, you'll receive a public forum for all students, teachers, and administrators to participate in. Teachers and Administrations will be able to create groups catered to the students needs.
  • Global Data Entry - Send transactions, reminders, setup categories, and more to your students. This allows you to emulate real world situations for the students such as setting up their Income to handle what-if scenarios.
  • Student Monitoring - See how your students are progressing by getting an in-depth look at if they are maintaining their budget or going over on expenses.
  • Build Your Own Apps - We provide an easy to use tool for creating your own school applications that the students can use to keep track of anything you come up with. It's similar to creating a database with a design structure that the students can visually understand. For example: Let's say you want the kids to be able to keep track of which books they need to bring to class. You can create a tool that tracks the book name, number, class, or whatever you can think of. This provides a very flexible framework for your School to design and work with.

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