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"Budgeting is the foundation of responsible money management, but many Americans still struggle with it. The BudgetTracker web app simplifies that task with intuitive features that help users track income, expenses, accounts, and other aspects of their financial lives."

"FOR HIGH SECURITY... a good choice for the security-minded"
USA Weekend - MoneySmart

"Spring Cleaning For Your Budget"

"Budget Tracker Inc. (budgettracker.com) offers a broad range of services"
Wall Street Journal

"Here's a list of some of the most trusted sites:"

"Use BudgetTracker.com to help you track of your daily spending."
- Walecia Konrad American Express - Tips for Better Budgeting

"The Six Best Budgeting Sites", "some people are still not comfortable linking bank accounts directly to a budgeting site. If that describes you, try BudgetTracker.com..."
- Stacy Rapacon Kiplinger.com Magazine - Featured on MSN Money Central and Yahoo Finance

"Forget Quicken-keep track of your financial life with the free and powerful BudgetTracker.com"...
- Liz King Popular Science Magazine

"Honestly, I am very impressed with this service and find it amazing that it is free. Great work to the BudgetTracker team. You have been around for a while and it is clear that you try to meet everything that your users suggest. Great work."...
- Brian Benzinger Solution Watch Review

"All you regulars to this site know how obsessed I've become with finding web-based replacements to desktop applications. A few weeks ago, I found BudgetTracker which is a godsend for anyone looking for an easy way to manage their finances."...
- Martin Ferretti Tip Monkies Review

"BudgetTracker is a feature-rich online budgeting program. It's pretty powerful and yet remains very easy and simple to use. It's worth checking out if you're looking for an online budget tracking solution."
- Lifehacker

Red Hot Sites of the Day
- RedOrbit

"It's a full featured money management tool comparable to Microsoft Money. This site really has everything you might be looking for, starting from comprehensive budget tracker to integrated calculator and mobile access."
- makeuseof.com

" Budgettracker track your Budget, Bills, Transactions and tie all these together in an easy to read Calendar that can send you reminders when Bills are due."
- Phil Bradly I want to:

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