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How Balance Account works
When you first click on the balance account link either on the My Accounts page or under the account transactions on the My Transactions page, you are presented with 3 options:
Balance only cleared or reconciled transactions
Balance all transactions including unreconciled
Reconcile all unreconciled transactions.

The first option is mainly for users who write checks and want to vali
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Categorizing your transactions for taxes
This tip is to help you quickly categorize uncategorized transactions to prepare for your taxes.

First go to the My Transactions page and click "Transaction Search" at the top of the page.

From the right side of the page, select the categories and change it to "No Category"

Change "This Month" to "All"

Scan through your transactions for any names that are simila
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What's the difference between Reconciled, Unreconciled, Void, and Cleared?
Unreconciled: The check has not been cleared and is pending approval from the receiving bank. This is the state when you write a check but the banks have not yet been involved in the transaction.

Cleared: The check has been recorded at your bank. You know the check has been recorded.

Reconciled: The check has cleared the bank and funds have been deposited. This usually happens at t
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Welcome to Tips
We'll be using this section for creating tips to make it easier to find those not so easy things to do on the BudgetTracker Site. Feel free to post your own tips you've found when using the site or ask questions that we can post a tip on.
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Applying a category to multiple unique transactions
One of the problems when importing your transactions is that the payee name can be unique for each transactions with a reference number. You can fix this on the import by applying a rule that will convert the payee name to something more common (for example: Starbucks 33323151 would convert to just Starbucks). However, if you've already imported your transactions as is or want to leave the payee n
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