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Memo field for split transactions

When splitting charges, it would be nice to have a notes/memo field for each split charge as opposed to one notes/memo for the whole transaction.

3 1382 01/22/2017 17:50:51
Add Multiple Transactions...
Is there a way to add a "check number" function to the "Add Multiple Transactions screen? There have been multiple times this would have been helpful instead of having to go back and enter a single transaction for a check. Thanks!
2 1009 06/16/2016 13:39:51
Reminder to update Budget
Hi, I have found in the past using budget programs that the biggest problem is not logging in and updating it daily. What happens then is the budget gets out of date and needs to be redone or restarted. So far Ive been pretty good with this program in doing it regularly but it would be great if this application could somehow incorporate a reminder to login. A Windows system notification icon in th
1 1326 02/25/2016 23:55:50
Overall Financial Position Overview/Forecast
Hi, would it be possible to add a (at a glance) 'Overall Financial Position Overview/Forecast' view or section on the left hand side menu that predicts & shows your financial position over the next 6, 12 mths (or more) based on your current bills/expenses/loan? I am thinking this could be in the form of a time-chart (similar to MS Money)? Additionally it would be good if looking at such a view, fi
1 1397 02/25/2016 23:51:35
Multiple Transaction Entry for Deposits?
Love the multiple transaction entry option. Any chance you could do it for deposits as well instead of only expenses?
3 1268 01/13/2016 10:31:37
Credit Cards Sharing Same Credit Line
In my country, banks would issue multiple types of credit cards with various features and benefits. However, all these cards share the same credit line. For example, if Bank A issues you a Mastercard and a Visa, and you have a credit limit of $5000, the $5000 is shared between the two cards.

So, in the "My Credit Cards" summary page, can we group credit cards by bank so that the cards
1 1372 10/26/2015 11:54:56
E-Mail Reminders
I searched through the "Ideas and Innovations" thread for the keywords "e-mail", "notification", and "reminders", but did not find any.

Is there a feature for e-mail reminders? I can't seem to find it.

If the feature is not available, can we have a feature that will e-mail us to remind us of upcoming bills? We would like to be able to specify how many days before a
1 1285 10/07/2015 20:35:14
Live Chat or phone support
Please get a live chat or phone support. I would prefer to wait on hold so that I can get direct help when I need it. Now, I spend time searching the message boards in vain looking for my issue, or at best I get an email response a day after I send questions. More times than not, my question is partially answered or I am told "try it now, it should be fixed" or it's on the "to-do" list. P
2 1826 09/04/2015 16:52:46
Bills List Download
I know there is a download feature for bills, but it seems quite limited.

I have entered recurring bills (monthly, quarterly, and yearly), and I would like to ensure that I have entered everything with the correct due dates. Can we have a facility that allows us to download a list of all the recurring bills we have entered, and have it indicate the frequency, start dates, and end dates?
0 1249 07/31/2015 23:57:35
Credit Card Bills, Stock Units, and Cashflow Projections
Credit Cards:

When adding a credit card, there is a tick-box to "Add to Bills". There are times when I forget to tick it. Editing the credit card does not allow the creation of a new bill, but I have to create a bill manually and link the two using the "Transfer to Account". Why not have the ability to "Add to Bills" for existing credit card entries that currently do not have
11 2446 07/30/2015 21:01:34

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