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Cruises, backpacking across Europe, or relaxing on a remote island in the Caribbean is what we all dream of during the summer. However, for most of us, saving for the ultimate trip rarely makes it into the budget until the last minute. Here’s how to afford an amazing vacation before fall begins.

  1. Pay for Living Essentials and Make Minimum Debt Payments

We want to avoid putting your vacation on a credit card, so cut costs this month and next. We mean it. Pay the absolute essentials to survive: Rent, Electricity, Water, and Food. No movies, no lunches out with friends, and no subscriptions to design magazines. As for debt, send the bare minimum payment for August and September and resume your previous payment amount after you get back.

  1. Consider Weekend Getaways rather than Week-Long Vacations

Often we may take for granted where we live. Don’t tell us you live just outside Washington, DC and you’ve never seen the U.S. Capitol Building. Weekend getaways to somewhere close can be a diamond in the rough. Google your address and all main tourist attractions within 100 miles. You just might make a discovery of grand proportions.

  1. Use Red-Eye Flights, Grocery Store Runs, and Hostels

Red-eye flights can be terribly inconvenient, but a great way to save money. Southwest Airlines has proven to be a favorite among budgeteers for their bargain prices and luggage allowance. While at your destination of choice, save on food by visiting local grocery stores to make sandwiches when out and about. Lastly, consider staying in a hostel rather than a major national hotel chain. (Hostels are mini hotels.) Big chains can have a bill as large as their name, while quaint hostels can substantially reduce expenses and add flair to your summer getaway.

Cheers to a fun summer!