Financial Budgeting for Families: Saving Today to Spend Less Tomorrow

Budgeting for an entire family can be a challenge. Aside from the regular bills like mortgage, utilities and groceries, families often scramble to come up with funds for school expenses, sports and birthday parties. Call a Family Meeting When it comes to discussing family expenditures and finances everyone needs to be involved. That includes the […]

Kids Budget

We’ve integrated a Kids Budgeting page to help parents teach kids about how to budget money. We will be continuing to update this page based on user feedback to make it as easy as possible for kids to understand. This is mainly a simplified version of our My Budget page with more visuals to make […]

When Your Kid Has Enough Money for Investing

When children have wisely budgeted their spending to mirror the rankings of importance they placed on various wants, an accumulation of savings should emerge that represents an excess of earnings exceeding wishes that can be realistically fulfilled. This provides an opening to introduce the nuance of investing for the long term. Investing is presented as […]

Mother and daughter with piggy bank

Why Teaching your Children Now about Money is Wise

Most everyone wishes they managed money better than they do. It might be fair to say a healthy percentage of the population never had formal training from their parents in exactly what to do with money beyond opening a checking account down at the local bank. How to save, how to invest, and how to […]

Teen Budgeting

Introducing Personal Budgeting to Teens

If you started early at instructing your children about the utility of money, the arrival of their teen years provides an opening for the nuance of budgeting. The widening diversity of spending options for teenagers easily promotes the development of excesses. Devising a budget is the only constructive solution for decoding future expenditures.   Take […]

Hold Piggy Bank

3 Slam Dunk Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

When it comes to talking with our kids about money, many of us clam up and try to change the subject quickly. The reality is that if you don’t talk to them about it, no one will and they will have to figure it out on their own. So to help you out, here are […]