Clothes Rack

We all want to dress nice. Why? Reasons of self-respect of course…or to impress our friends and secretly outdo everyone else. Either way, how can you look great without breaking the bank? According to Thomas Stanley, author of the book “The Millionaire Next Door”, the average millionaire spends no more than $20 on a pair of blue jeans. They aren’t extravagant on clothes nor most other items for that matter, which is precisely how they saved their way to millions. Here’s how to look great on $50 a month or less.

Buy On Sale, Weekends, and Holidays

You need some clothes, you’ve written on paper exactly what you need to purchase, and now it’s time to decide when to go shopping. We advise to go bargain hunting to stretch that $50 during the weekend or on holidays. Few sales actually happen during the week because not many people can go shopping due to family, work, or other reasons. During the weekend is when the majority of people can go, that’s when the real deals can be made. You’re much more likely to find 50% or more off an item during the weekend, than during the week where you might find 10% off.

Don’t Impulse Buy

Most of us would like to buy the entire clothing store. However, take a logical perspective when shopping. Do you really need 3 pairs of pants all in one sitting? You either need something or you want something. Learn to tell the difference. If you need a pair of jeans, go try on a pair of jeans, buy the pair of jeans, and exit the store with the pair of jeans. Browsing the aisles afterwards, just to look, is a credit card purchase waiting to happen. Shun the clothing aisles, shun them.

Purchase clothes at Goodwill or Walmart

Goodwill is an excellent place to get lightly used jeans for around $6-8. In complete honesty, the untrained eye can’t tell whether a pair of jeans came from the local thrift store or Nordstrom …. unless you leave the tag hanging. Walmart has great classic pieces that have no tell-tale signs they were purchased at Walmart. The No Boundaries brand in the Junior section carries an “Essential Scoopneck Tee” for $2.87 each, found in an array of colors which can easily fit the average adult in size large. With 7 different colors and a pair of jeans from Goodwill you would have an entire new outfit for everyday of the week for an approximate total of $30.00 including tax. Leaving $20 to spend on a few more shirts of choice to mix in the wardrobe or even a pair of stylish sandals for the rest of the month.

Go shop those deals!