The search page on the BudgetTracker site has several features that you may not have known about. When you search through your transactions from the My Transactions page at the top, you are taken to transaction search results on the Search page. However, you can also save notes, site URL’s, and have the ability to tag any of these items.

  • To start with, on left hand side you can quickly filter through any of these items by selecting the dropdown and choosing “Today”, “Last Week”, and several other common choices but you can also type in the textbox above it the actual date or if you prefer, type the text “Today” instead of selecting it from the dropdown.
  • If you want to create new notes, you can either select the “New Note” link just under the date filter, or if you type in n: in the search box, anything you type after n: will get saved as a new note along with the date it was saved for filtering on later. To see more quick commands that will save you time, click the Quick Search Terms link just under the search box.
  • Underneath the tags on the left hand side, you’ll see 2 links (“New Link” and “My Search”). If you drag these to your quick toolbar in your browser, you can easily save sites you’re viewing on the web to your BudgetTracker account. Since the items can be searched on, it’s like having your own custom search engine.
Search Results
Search Results

The search page can be found under the Organization category from the Navigation menu or you can do transaction searches from the My Transactions page. If you have ideas for new features you would like to see on the Search page, please let us know.