3 Tips to Calculate the Right Amount of Savings for Your Budget

While the main reason to create a budget is to save, budgeting is also great to define your income and expenses. By attaining a realistic idea of how much you can save each month, you’ll be able to reach your long term goals sustainably – such as saving up for that deposit on a house […]

How To Budget And Save Money With A Newborn

In Canada, the average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is $243,660. To make that number a little easier to get your head around, that’s $1,070 a month per child. Of course, you need to factor in that most new mothers spend the first year of their child’s life – if […]

10 Unnecessary Expenses You Can Eliminate Right Now

When it comes to saving money, some of the typical methods that might cross your mind include using coupons, reducing the heat or air conditioning in your house, or steering clear of excessive personal spending. While all of those are great strategies, have you ever thought about the things in your life you can actually […]

Kids Budget

We’ve integrated a Kids Budgeting page to help parents teach kids about how to budget money. We will be continuing to update this page based on user feedback to make it as easy as possible for kids to understand. This is mainly a simplified version of our My Budget page with more visuals to make […]

Applying a Category to Multiple Unique Transactions

One of the problems when importing your transactions is that the payee name can be unique for each transactions with a reference number. You can fix this on the import by applying a rule that will convert the payee name to something more common (for example: Starbucks 33323151 would convert to just Starbucks). However, if […]

Categorizing Your Transactions for Taxes

This tip is to help you quickly categorize uncategorized transactions to prepare for your taxes. First go to the My Transactions page and click “Transaction Search” at the top of the page. From the right side of the page, select the categories and change it to “No Category” Change “This Month” to “All” Scan through […]

How “Balance Account” Works

When you first click on the balance account link either on the My Accounts page or under the account transactions on the My Transactions page, you are presented with 3 options: Balance only cleared or reconciled transactions Balance all transactions including unreconciled Reconcile all unreconciled transactions. The first option is mainly for users who write […]

New Blog Format

We’ve updated the design of our Blog to a new format. This provides more flexibility to post financial information, site updates, and video tutorials about the BudgetTracker website. If you have feedback on our new design or would like to get help on the BudgetTracker website, please email us at support@budgettracker.com