Included with the BudgetTracker site is the ability to keep track of Invoicing, Product Inventory, and send those Invoices to other BudgetTracker users for review. First of all, to access Invoices you can either change your theme to “Business” or switch to Advanced Navigation and look under My Business. The first page your presented with is the Invoice Template List. This allows you to view a list of all Invoices you’ve entered as well as the ability to group them together and view your costs, prices, and profits for each invoice. Once you’ve created a new template, click the “View Invoice” link next to the name of your template. From this page, first select the Contact name of the company you want to send an invoice list. This is tied in directly with the My Contacts page. You will need to get permission first from your Contact to be able to send the invoice over which is done from the BudgetTracker site.  Then click the “Add new Row” button to create a new invoice item. Now you’ll need to update your Product Inventory if you havent done so already by choosing update inventory from the dropdown menu. You can then enter in the price, quantity, and whether its taxable or not. Once your finished entering all your items in, click the send invoice link next to your contact and they’ll automatically get an email notifying them a new invoice has been sent. Now click on “Overview” from the top of the page to view the status of that Invoice. This will allow you to see Invoices you’ve sent out and whether they’ve approved them or not. Once your Invoice has been paid, click on the Invoice Template List and click “Record Payment” to enter it into your BudgetTracker registry.

One idea we’re thinking about adding in a future release is automatically reducing your Inventory quantity for an item once an invoice has been paid. If you have other ideas you would like added, please email us at or respond to this post.