Getting Started

To help get started with the new iPad app, this article will give you a walk-thru of the app. When you first install the app, the Home screen is a list of all your categories and stored locally on your device. Clicking the plus sign in the upper right corner will allow you to enter in expenses against these categories. Doing so can be done completely offline and without needing a BudgetTracker login. To sync the data on your device with your BudgetTracker account, first click on the list icon in the upper left corner and select “Settings”. Then choose “BudgetTracker Login” and enter your login information. Once logged in, your BudgetTracker categories and the past 60 days of transactions will be imported into your iPad app.

Home Page

The home page is your local categories and transactions. These include any transactions that have been synced up with the site along with transactions you’ve created locally. To create a budget on these categories, click the “plus” sign in the upper right corner and choose “Update Categories”. This will allow you to set a budget or change the name or color of your categories. Once a budget is set, a portion of the category will be grayed out representing the the percentage of your budget that has been spent. Clicking on a category will take you the transactions entered for that category.

My Bills & My Income

The My Bills & My Income section can be shown by clicking the list icon in the upper left corner. The bills and income do require an internet connection and connects directly with the BudgetTracker site. On the Bills or Income page, you can view your items by forecast, upcoming, overdue, and list just like on the BudgetTracker website.

  • Deleting a Bill or Income – There are two ways to delete a bill or income. The first is by clicking on the list sub-tab and then swiping right across the item you wish to delete. The second way to click the edit link in the upper right corner, click the left side of the item you wish to delete, and then choose the delete button.
  • Marking a Bill/Income as Paid – To mark an item paid, click the edit button in the upper right corner, select the items you want to mark as paid, and click the paid button.
  • Canceling a Bill or Income Item – Canceling an item is done the same way as marking it paid only you select the Cancel button.


There are two types of transactions that you can view, the ones that you’ve created locally and the ones being viewed from online. Local transactions can be viewed by clicking one of your categories on the home page. The second is by going to My Accounts and selecting an account. When you create a new transaction from the iPad app, it will first get created locally and then synced with your online account. If you are offline at the time, we will send all unsent transactions when you come back online and open the app. If you’ve created a transaction online, you can sync up the last 60 days of transactions with your iPad by clicking “Settings”>”BudgetTracker Login” and click the Synchronize Button.

My Budget

The My Budget page is a direct reflection of the website. The graph bar will give you a visual percentage of how much is left in your budget. When you go over your budget, the graph will turn red. At the top you can filter your budget categories by expenses, deposits, or all budget items. The sub navigation filter allows you to view your budget items by budget amount, how much you’ve spent, and how much is available.

My Accounts

The My Accounts section is also a direct reflection of your accounts on the website. To view transactions under an account, click the account name. To edit an account, click the blue arrow to the right of each account.

The iPad app gives you a simple view of your main data entries from the BudgetTracker website. While this doesn’t cover all the features of the BudgetTracker website, we will be adding new features that are currently on the website to the iPad app over time. Additionally, all the features you see on the iPad are also available on the iPhone as well. If you have requests for the next app currently on the website to be implemented into to the iPad and iPhone app, please let us know.