On the website, we’ve implemented a Charts Module that will allow you to see a quick summary of your spending and account forecasting. To view, click on the update modules link and choose the Chart Summaries module.

On our new mobile site, you’ll now see a Charts link under the more section which will also give you an Account Forecast and Spending Overview. You can access the new mobile site at https://secure.budgettracker.com/mobile.htm

Account Forecast Chart

For the Account Forecast, you can choose between 3,6,9, or 12 months out. You also have the option to filter by an individual account or all accounts. When viewing the Account Forecast, we’ll combine all future payments we know of based on your entries in the My Bills and My Income pages and add those to any future transactions you’ve already recorded. We’ll then show a step chart to easily see how the progress of your account are doing with the upcoming forecast.

Spending Pie Chart

For the Spending Pie Chart, you can see how much is being spend in all categories that have an expense type. You can choose the following date options for the spending chart: This Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months, Year to Date. This will give you an easy to way to see if how much you’re spending over time.