A big part of staying on top of your budget and utilizing the BudgetTracker tool is to record all your transactions. This can however be a time consuming and difficult task to stay on top of it day to day so here are some optional tips you can use to remain up to date:

  • Set a daily reminder in the evening. This is mainly just to make you think about all the transactions you’ve made for the day and then enter them into the site. We recommend later at night when you don’t usually have as much going on. You can either enter them from your computer or use your phone to enter in the transaction and set a category for your records.
  • Import your transactions. This is another option if you don’t want to enter in transactions day to day. Note that in the beginning you’ll need to need manually set each category but over time this will become automatically set for you the more you import.
  • Automatic Importing; while we do not offer the ability to sync directly with your bank, we do offer the ability to import your transactions from Mint or Yodlee. What you can do is setup an account and download all your transactions monthly or weekly to a CSV file and then import those into BudgetTracker. As you go on, the categories will get prepopulated.

With each of these options, this will help reduce the chance of getting out of sync with your bank. If you do however miss a transaction, you can either go to Transaction Search from the My Transaction to find out where it was missing, or click the “balance account” link on the My Accounts page to bring your total balance back inline with your banks balance.