When you first click on the balance account link either on the My Accounts page or under the account transactions on the My Transactions page, you are presented with 3 options:
Balance only cleared or reconciled transactions
Balance all transactions including unreconciled
Reconcile all unreconciled transactions.

The first option is mainly for users who write checks and want to validate the amount they see against the amount the bank knows about. This removes any outstanding checks the bank is not aware of and lets you quickly enter in the amount you are currently seeing in the bank.
If however, all of your transactions are either cash, debit, or credit card, you’ll want to choose the 2nd or 3rd option. If you want to leave unreconciled transactions as they are but want to bring your running balance up to date, choose the 2nd option. If you think you may have missed clearing transactions, then choose 3rd option.
Keep in mind the running total will match as of todays date and will not include future transactions.

The next page lets you select how we should bring your account up to the balance. This can either be by modifying your initial transaction for the account (or in other words, the opening balance). The other option is to create a new transaction. Keep in mind that this transaction will not be shown in your bank statements.

If you selected all your options and the amounts still aren’t adding up, first make sure you are looking at your transactions sorted by date to make sure you are looking at the running balance and not a total transaction amount. If you’ve selected the first option, go to the transaction filter at the top of the My Transactions page and choose to filter your transactions by Unreconciled and Show All transactions. When you add this total up until todays date to your current running balance, this should equal your balance amount. If you’ve selected the 2nd or 3rd option, first verify you are not looking at your future running balance. If it still doesn’t add up, please email us at support@budgettracker.com with the amount you entered, and the amount you are seeing in your running balance.