The I Owe You page can be accessed under Organization from the Simple Navigation menu or under Financial from the Advanced Navigation. When you enter in a new I Owe You, you can choose whether you owe someone money or if someone owes you money. If you select “I owe money to:”, and enter the email of a user already in our system, they will recieve a notification in the Notification Inbox on the left side of each page asking if they would like to add “Money is owed to me by {your email}:” Once you pay them back, if the user is in our system, the amount will appear as a link. Once clicked you will be taken to the Record Transfer page which will do the following:

  • Create a new transaction in your registry.
  • Mark the I Owe You as paid on the I Owe You page.
  • Notify the Payee that you have marked this as paid in their Notifications Inbox.
  • Provide the Payee with a link to mark this as paid on their end as well.

If the user is not in our system, you will simply see a link titled “mark paid” to record this as paid.  The I Owe You page is a great way to keep your I Owe You’s organized and since it ties in with your transaction registry, this can be easily tracked on the My Budget page.