The My Calendar page has several options and ties into the site:

  • Color – By default, the background color of all Bills on the My Calendar page is red and all Income items are Yellow to distinguish these from other Calendar entries. You do however have the option to update the background color of any entry by updating the reminder and choosing a Color from the dropdown list.
  • Groups – The My Calendar page allows you to organize your reminders by group. This is similar to what Google calls new Calendars. When you enter in a group for your reminders, a checkbox will appear at the top of the page with the group name you’ve entered. When clicked, all reminders within the selected group will be hidden/shown. You can have an unlimited number of groups as this will help in keeping your reminders more organized.
  • Icons – Next to several reminders, you may see small icons that give reference to applications on the site. Such as a Bill will have the Bill icon to the left of all bills. This way even if you want to change the background color, you can still tell which reminders are Bills. In addition, icons are also available for Income, Tasks, and any application you subscribe to from the Beta Applications page that supports a calendar feature.
  • Event Forecasts – At the top of the My Calendar page is an “Event Forecast” link. This will allow you to see a more focused view on all events in your calendar instead of the standard Calendar view.
  • Weekly/Monthly/Daily – The My Calendar page supports Monthly, weekly, and daily views on all your reminder. To access, you’ll large links at the top of the page with left and right arrows to move through your event dates.
  • Dynamic Time/Description – In the top right corner of the My Calendar page, you’ll see the ability to show or hide the Time and Description. This is for main page viewing only to allow you to either clear up space so the page doesn’t look too busy or see everything about the reminders at once.
  • Export – My Calendar supports exporting your reminders to Outlook, Google, or Mac. In the top left corner, you can click the Export link and you will be taken to a page where you can export just your Bills, just your Income, or all reminders. This allows you to color code your reminders seperately from Google Calendar for instance. We will be supporting Importing Reminders in the near future
  • New Reminders – To create a new reminder, simply click on the date you want to set the reminder for. This will default the starting date to the one you’ve selected. You can then choose to set a recurrence, update the title and description, or create an email or mobile reminder that will be sent to you when specified.
  • Printing – To print your calendar, click on the small printer icon in the upper left and you will be taken to a page that just has your calendar without all the surrounding BudgetTracker logos and navigation.
  • Transaction Summary – If transactions have been entered for a certain day, a small transaction icon will appear in the upper right corner of the calendar date. Hovering you mouse over this icon will give you a brief summary of how much has been spent for the day.

This should give you a good idea of some of the basic features when viewing the My Calendar page.