There are several ways to generate extra income without much work. “The Dough Roller” has a good article that helps explain one way to utilize 0 interest credit cards with no balance transfer fees. The idea is that you receive cash from a credit card that doesn’t charge you any interest, then transfer that cash to a savings to generate income off the interest. Once the year is up, pay off the credit card and keep the interest you’ve made. The biggest problem however is making sure you don’t touch the money as well as making sure it gets paid before your one year is up.

The card offers a no interest balance transfer feature for 12 months with NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEE. Just in case there was any confusion with that, the card has NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEE. Oh, it has no annual fee, either. While I’ve found and written about a lot of great balance transfer deals, this is THE best one currently available that I’ve found.

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